Ageya's - 100ft 11kW Wind Turbine

Ageya Wilderness Center has just Installed the Largest Residential Wind Turbine on the Kenai Peninsula!

This Wind Turbine (that can be seen from the Homer Spit) is the largest Residential turbine erected in the peninsula. This wind turbine is 100ft tall and is capable of producing up to 11kWh in power. This turbine has already produced over 1,000kW in the first couple weeks of installation.

This wind turbine will now benefit this non profit by making the electricity for the center. Ageya Wilderness Center had an Alaskan Permaculture Design completed a few years ago by Alaska Permaculture Guild. In their design they recommended the use of renewable energy systems. Kevin Dee is working his hardest to capture as much from the environment as possible for the center.