Litnaugwiq Camp

If you are an Alaska Native eighth grader and wish to register for the Litnaugwiq camp please use the following link to enroll online:

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If you are currently an Alaska Native eighth grader attending a qualifying school you are eligible to apply. Litnaugwiq Camp is a federally funded science and math camp, which provides upcoming high school students with a unique experience to have fun, make friends and strengthen science and math skills that relate to the study of natural history and daily camp activities. Participants will interact with some of the best science and research organizations located in South-central Alaska.

Observing through the lens of seven different natural history subjects (marine biology, birds, plants, animals and tracking, fish, archeology, and weather and tides) campers will explore the beautiful Kachemak Bay/Homer area under the guidance of talented naturalists, rangers and scientists.

Participants will become familiar with a variety of exciting science and math careers while working with professionals who utilize science and math in their daily careers. Throughout the 24-day camp, campers will enjoy fun-filled activities including traditional boat building, kayaking, camping and natural history study while exploring the spectacular shorelines of Kachemak Bay. Each camp will host 32 students.

Along with an amazing camp experience, students set goals for the year and receive monthly life coaching throughout their ninth grade school year working with their own personal life coach.

What is Provided

All travel to and from Litnaugwiq Camp, food, lodging and camping equipment is provided.

Year Round Coaching After Camp

Each student will have a life coach that will mentor him/her for the nine months following camp during the student’s ninth grade school year. Each month, coaches will provide up to one hour of individual phone coaching focusing on tracking and achieving the goals identified by each participant. To incorporate additional support for each student, coaches will also collaborate with the student’s parent and a mentor teacher.


Litnaugwiq Camp staff are experienced as naturalists, guides and outdoor educators and have had extensive experience working with youth in the outdoors. Don Honea, the Tribal Chief of the Doyon Region will serve as our Native Elder. Students will be working with four natural history instructors, and one traditional boat building instructor during the day. In the evenings, students will be working with four camp counselors who will lead students in evening activities and help with the daily living and domestic needs of the campers. A camp nurse will be on hand to address student’s medical needs and concerns. All of our staff bring a wealth of personal outdoor experience to the program, along with a passion for the outdoors and a love of teaching and sharing their knowledge and skills with others.

Medical and First Aid

All natural history instructors have Wilderness First Aid Training. Camp counselors and other staff have a minimum of Basic First Aid. SVT Health and Wellness and Homer hospital are less than 3 miles away from the Ageya homestead.